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Axel Scheffler In the Jungle
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Little ones can join in the fun In the Jungle by pulling out the sliders, pushing up the tabs and counting all the animals! How many lazy lions are yawning? How many zebras are skipping? Children will love playing with this bright and colourful board book with gentle rhyming text and beautifully illustrated by the award-winning Axel Scheffler. Also available: On the Farm

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Declare War on Yourself: How to Get Your Act an...
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This one-of-a-kind book teaches you how to become more mature, responsible, focused, driven, and motivated so you can fix your problems and make your life 10x easier.Not having your act together as much as possible makes your life harder and creates one painful problem after another. Getting it together requires pulling your head out of your ass and doing what´s necessary to make sure you never move backwards again. It´s the most important thing you need to do RIGHT NOW to fix your problems, overcome challenges, create opportunity, and change your ´´luck´´ and results. This best-selling book teaches you the psychology, emotions, thoughts, behavior, actions, habits, and steps of getting your act and life together and keeping it that way. A 100 percent must-have if you want to quickly, dramatically, and permanently improve your life:Make life easier, simpler, and less stressfulQuit sabotaging your self, life, relationships, and opportunitiesStop being immature, irresponsible, selfish, and out-of-control and become successful, wise, mature, trustworthy, and dependableMultiply business, financial, personal, and dating opportunities A fraction of what you´re about to learn:What´s actually holding you back, killing potential, and keeping you from having your act togetherWhat ´´having your act together´´ actually means, why it´s important, and why society´s definition is making you failSocietal constructs giving you a false sense of having your act togetherNineteen clear signs that you don´t have your act togetherThe real reasons you´re lazy, giving up, and not pushing yourself and which habits are making you unhappy, unproductive, and unsuccessfulHow to eliminate ´´chaos´´ and distractions from your mind, daily routine, and lifeThis one mindset makes you mentally tougher, creates change, set 1. Language: English. Narrator: Marc Summers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Various - Blues Before Sunrise
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(1996 ´Delmark´) (70:15/13) Eine Benefiz-Veranstaltung für die privat-finanzierte Blues-Radiosendung Steve Cushings. Grundsolider, wenngleich wenig spektakuläre Aufnahmen aus dem ´B.L.U.E.S.´ in Chicago - eine typische Bluesnacht in Chicago For 17 years DJ Steve Cushing has aired Blues Before Sunrise, the ´Blues Heritage Showcase´, over Chicago´s public radio station 91.5FM WBEZ, and for the last six years the rest of the country has also had a chance to hear his show via satellite syndication. Broadcast from midnight to 5 a.m., Blues Before Sunrise has long served an audience that includes loyal home listeners, musicians lounging on break, lovers in their living rooms, cab drivers and other service workers pulling the graveyard, and even teen airwave surfers discovering an entire musical world peopled by cats who were hip before them. Blues Before Sunrise showcases blues as part of a cultural landscape that includes jump and jive, rhythm and blues, swing, doo wop, gospel, comedy, and recitation, and never is the music presented as kitsch or retro fashion in the way that some music has been exploited and trivialized. For Cushing the blues is a living African-American tradition with deep roots. As a musician himself bearing substantial credentials with Magic Slim and The Teardrops, the Lee Jackson band and Smokey Smothers and The Ice Cream Men, Steve Cushing numbers among his friends and closest associates the artists on this recording-fellow musicians to whom this is a vital, thriving music as well as a means of making a living. Now gone independent and seeking permanent sponsors, Blues Before Sunrise held a benefit concert at Chicago´s B.L.U.E.S. on October 20, 1996 to purchase satellite time to keep the show on the air. The packed-to-the-doors fund-raiser featured artists Billy Boy Arnold, John Brim, Jimmie Lee Robinson, Taildragger, Big Wheeler, Jimmy Burns, Lurrie Bell, Willie Buck, Lester Davenport, Dave Myers, Sammy Fender and others&emdash;each an extraordinary practitioner of Chicago blues and together a full-credit, higher education history lesson in the blues. The portion of the show preserved on this CD is hair-bristling proof of among other things the constancy of the post-war sound and of the vitality of the ever-fruitful Chicago scene. Vocalist and harp player Big Wheeler leads off backed by Rockin´ Johnny Burgin, Dave Waldman and Cushing, as he was on his 1993 Delmark release Bone Orchard (Delmark 661), performing three original compositions solidly in the musical style of his other two selections, Muddy´s ´I´m Ready´ and Little Walter´s ´Got To Go.´ Gary, Indiana native John Brim reprises four of his now-classic Chess sides supported by some of the original Ice Cream Men (named by Illinois Slim when they played behind Otis ´Big Smokey´ Smothers who was one, and only coincidently also the name of one of Brim´s numbers) Cushing, Dave Waldman, Slim (Tom Morris), and Sho Komiya on bass, and on the last cut, Martin Lange on harp. Billy Boy Arnold still sounds like the young man he was when he waxed classic 45s ´Ain´t Got You´ and ´I Wish You Would´ in the mid-1950s. ´Streetwise Advisor´, a sly paean to the Bronzeville patter of his youth, is followed by a rock-the-house-down musical pastiche that begins as ´Stormy Monday´ and leads into a medley of verses from his mentor Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson. Johnny Burgin and The Lazy Boys provide crack period back-up with a contemporary freshness behind both Arnold and Jimmy Burns (they were also the studio band in Burn´s recent release Leaving Here Walking (Delmark 694) and they appear with him weekly at Smoke Daddy´s). Burns makes Jimmy Rogers´ ´You´re The One´ sound brand new, then closes out in thrilling fashion with the soulful, minor-key title track to his CD, a fitting end that effortlessly stretches the blues boundaries. These musicians (all of them heard regularly on Blues Before Sunrise) aren´t ´revival´ acts. They´re out there every day playing music that would never occur to them as being ´old´ or ´retro´ but instead is part of an ongoing cultural tradition. Put this platter on and spin your own private Chicago blues festival featuring some of the best current practitioners of the genre, courtesy of Blues Before Sunrise and Delmark Records. Then go out and see them live. And afterwards, tune in to the show. And may the sun never set on Blues Before Sunrise, or the Chicago Blues. --Justin O´Brien

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