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Hood: American Rebirth Series, Book 1 , Hörbuch...
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History speaks of a folk hero hundreds of years ago who fought against corrupt kings and saw the good in everyday people. Legends say that this might not have been just one man, but many heroes to take up the name and mantle of Robin Hood throughout the ages. The legend has been reborn in the American apocalypse. Rob ´Hood´ Huntington was an easygoing 20-something kid who loved house parties with good friends and bad jokes. He never thought about a life of survival. Then in one day everything he knew was gone. Lucky for him, he learned quickly he is a truly gifted marksman. Learning to live with pulling the trigger is something else entirely. Two years have passed since the fall of civilization. Hidden away in the mid-Atlantic countryside rests the small town of Clearwater, where Hood, his sister Taylor, and an ex-cop by the name of Whiskey lead a group of survivors. Raging through the remnants of the northeast, two kings, the Kaiser and the Crusader, fight a bloody war for control of the land. Hood, Whiskey, and the Clearwater crew survive by stealing just enough from the Kaiser to keep the town going. But they cannot stay hidden away forever. If you loved The Last of Us, I Am Legend, or The Road, you won´t want to miss Hood! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Michael Jameson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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